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Offering ergonomic and rehabilitation consultation services Gainful, Inc. serves employers and businesses throughout Southern California's counties from Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County, Riverside County, Orange County, and down to San Diego County.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reasonable accommodation?
In order to effectively engage in the interactive process, employers must know what is considered a reasonable accommodation under the FEHA and ADA.

Reasonable accommodation under both the FEHA and ADA includes a wide of array of arrangements that would enable a disabled employee to continue his or her employment. Typical reasonable accommodations include job restructuring, such as part time or modified work schedules, adjustment of duties, acquisition or modification of equipment or devices, providing interpreters or readers, leaves of absence, as well as reassignment to a vacant position.

Why is a Gainful’s Return-to-Work program a key factor in successfully dealing with the workers’ compensation system?

  • Reduces the number of fraudulent claims.
  • Reduce cost and time spent associated to in-house RTW programs.
  • Promotes better morale among all workers.
  • Decreases indemnity dollars from lost time-one of the most expensive components in workers’ compensation.
  • Avoids the cost of training and hiring replacement employees.
  • Facilitates employer/employee contact, giving the employer control, direction and positive resolution to the claim.
  • Avoid costly litigation.

  • Gains control of the claim and increases the chance for a positive resolution.
  • Retains the on-site experience of valuable, trained employees.
  • Reduces the replacement and training costs for hiring new employees.
  • Reduces overall medical costs.
  • Reduces the chance of a permanent disability.
  • Discourages fraudulent claim filing.
  • Reduces temporary disability payments.
  • Increases overall employee morale.
  • Increases awareness of safe work practices and injury prevention.
  • Maintain productive employees.
  • Results in faster recoveries—both psychologically and physically.
  • Creating Job Description Library will expedite medical status and reduce cost.
  • Develop close communication with treating physicians.
  • Educates employers and employees. Read more about Return to Work programs.

    In compliance with the new law SB-899 provides a financial incentive for employers who retain their injured employees in medically appropriate positions—and a disincentive for those who do not. Effective 1/01/05, L.C. § 4658 (d) (2) provides for an increase in PD payments of 15% to injured employees whose employers are unable or unwilling to provide medically appropriate work within 60 days of P&S. L.C. § 4658 (d) (3) allows for a decrease of 15% in PD payments to employers who offer medically appropriate work within 60 days of P&S.

  • What is Ergonomics?
    Ergonomics is the study of how your body interacts with your environment when you perform a task or activity. Ergonomic often involves arranging your environment – including equipment, tools, lighting, and how you do a task – to fit you and the activity you are performing. Office ergonomics focuses on arranging your work environment to fit your needs while you do your job.

    When your workstation is set up properly, you may be less likely to have problems such as headaches, eye strain, neck and back pain and perhaps prevent conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome that can be related to repetitive activities. Whether or not your workstation is causing physical problems, a workstation that is properly set up can increase your productivity and quality of work life.

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