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Offering ergonomic and rehabilitation consultation services Gainful, Inc. serves employers and businesses throughout Southern California's counties from Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County, Riverside County, Orange County, and down to San Diego County.

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Our Services

Ergonomic Evaluation:
Gainful’s ergonomic consultant will schedule an ergonomic evaluation within three days of request by email or phone. Our consultants will evaluate the employee’s assigned workstation and interview how he/she perform his/her duties. Gather physical and medical information from the employee which is pertinent only to the ergonomic evaluation. Listen to any specific issues that the employee may have. Have the employee demonstrate how he/she performs normal work duties. Measure proportional distances of the employee with the equipment he/she uses to perform his/her work. Verbally advise employee on proper ergonomics. Make on the spot ergonomic changes and explain to employee why changes are necessary.

Ergonomic Evaluation Report
  • A report is provided that includes all recommendations given to the employee whom was evaluated.
  • Job description with essential tasks functions summary
  • Explanation of employee’s current layout of workstation.
  • List of furniture that is used, where equipment is situated in the workstation, any prior ergonomic adjustments that may have been made, and any obstacles to an ergonomic setup.
  • Gainful’s ergonomic consulting services consistent with Cal/O.S.H.A. guidelines and the State of California guidelines and uphold the confidentiality of all employee information, written reports, and evaluations in order to protect against unauthorized disclosure.

    Ergonomic Checklist:
    25 point Ergonomic Checklist that consists of:

  • On the spot ergonomic changes and explain to employee why changes are necessary
  • Observe sitting posture, position of monitor and peripherals.
  • Instruct on correct posture and stretching exercises.
  • Job Analysis
    Gainful has developed a Job Analysis that complies with the ADA/FEHA and ACOEM Guidelines. The job analysis identifies the job tasks, essential functions, and aptitudes/abilities such as: Education, Experience, and Skills needed to perform the job. Also the physical requirements such as: walking, standing, lifting and their frequencies.

    Interactive Process Consultation:
    Gainful’s outline for the “Interactive Process” (all steps of the interactive process are documented):

  • The Job Analysis: analyze the essential functions and purpose of the particular job at issue;
  • Consult with the employee to determine the job-related limitations;
  • Consult with the employee to identify potential accommodations and the effectiveness of such accommodations in enabling the employee to perform the essential functions of the position; and
  • Select and implement the accommodation that is most appropriate for both the employee and the employer.

  • Training Seminars
    Gainful provides training in Ergonomic Safety and Return-to-Work Process for employers, TPA’s and carriers.

    Voice Activation Assessment and Training
    Gainful will assess the nature of the employee’s computer task and computer system with the following in mind:
  • Which Dragon Naturally Speaking version will be required
  • Professional, Medical Solutions, or Legal Solutions
  • What specific software programs will be utilized with DNS
  • Computer description meets minimal system requirements
  • Additional Requirements
  • Installation and support

  • Training conducted by a Naturally Speaking Gold Certified Partner by Nuance

    Phase I:
    4 hours
  • Basic operation understanding of Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Intermediate operation understanding of Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Creating voice–enabled macros

  • Phase II:
    4 hours
  • Creating voice enabled document templates
  • Using digital voice recorder for deferred transcription
  • Creating shortcuts and hotkeys

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