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Offering ergonomic and rehabilitation consultation services Gainful, Inc. serves employers and businesses throughout Southern California's counties from Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County, Riverside County, Orange County, and down to San Diego County.

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Gainful, Inc. - Ergonomics and Return to Work Consultants

30 years of effectively returning people to the workforce has given us the expertise to assess the employee’s job duties and essential job function in efforts to immediately return the employee to gainful and suitable employment. Our expertise in creating job accommodation and our close relationship with physicians is to ensure that the job falls within the employee’s physical capabilities.

Job Analysis
Gainful has developed a Job Analysis that complies with the ADA/FEHA and ACOEM Guidelines. The job analysis identifies the job tasks, essential functions, and aptitudes/abilities such as: Education, Experience, and Skills needed to perform the job. Also the physical requirements such as: walking, standing, lifting and their frequencies.

It is Gainful’s mission to assist you with the compliance of ADA/FEHA job descriptions. Please do not forget this analysis can also be used for Workers’ Comp claims, to assist the treating physician to identify the injured worker physical capabilities for their immediate Return to Work.

What is a Reasonable Accommodation?
In order to effectively engage in the interactive process, employers must know what is considered a reasonable accommodation under the FEHA and ADA. Reasonable accommodation under both the FEHA and ADA includes a wide of array of arrangements that would enable a disabled employee to continue his or her employment. Typical reasonable accommodations include job restructuring, such as part time or modified work schedules, adjustment of duties, acquisition or modification of equipment or devices, providing interpreters or readers, leaves of absence, as well as reassignment to a vacant position.
Gainful’s Ergonomic Consultants will help identify ergonomic risks as well as offer solutions to reduce ergonomic risk factors and eliminate repetitive stress injuries. We conduct comprehensive worksite assessments, analyze ergonomic variables in disability case management, and provide customized training for offices and industrial worksites. We provide proposals and individualized intervention plans for everything from office supplies to ergonomic furniture adjustments, floor design and layout.

Why is a Gainful’s Return-to-Work program a key factor in successfully dealing with the workers’ compensation system?
  • Reduces the number of fraudulent claims.
  • Reduce cost and time spent associated to in-house RTW programs.
  • Promotes better morale among all workers.
  • Decreases indemnity dollars from lost time-one of the most expensive components in workers’ compensation.
  • Avoids the cost of training and hiring replacement employees.
  • Facilitates employer/employee contact, giving the employer control, direction and positive resolution to the claim.
  • Avoid costly litigation.

  • Call Gainful today and let us become your solution experts! We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your problem solving! We know that a well accommodated, well equipped and healthy employee is a satisfied, productive and motivated worker.

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